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Donderdag 02 Jul
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Blame It On... Bianca Del Rio Comedy Tour

door Redaktie in Theater, Kunst & Expo , 02 juli 2017

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Bianca Del Rio will be visiting Amsterdam on July 28 as part of her comedy tour. This guarantees an enjoyable evening full of provocative entertainment. On the threshold of her visit we were allowed to ask her some questions.

Welcome back! This will be your third time performing a full show in Amsterdam!
“I love the Dutch!! They get my twisted sense of humor, and they’re always up for a challenge. If they can sit through an Anne Frank play, they can listen to me talk shit for over an hour.”

What topics are you going to cover in ‘Blame It On... Bianca Del Rio’?
“I know what I will be wearing, but after drinking wine I never know what will come out of my mouth on stage.”

Now that you have toured the world several times after your ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ win, what is the thing you enjoy the most? Or hate?
“I enjoy working and having an audience. It is definitely better than the alternative. The worst is doing this interview with you. Haha. But seriously... can we wrap this up already? I have wigs to wash.”  
What would your theme be for a boat in the Amsterdam Pride Parade?
“The theme would be ‘Free the Whales’ and I would let Mayday pull the boat. We know she can hold her breath for a long time because she has to when zipping up her dress.”

Future plans?
“After performing this new show in Amsterdam, I will be touring Australia and the United States with it. We are also hoping to take it to places I have not yet been to, like South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. We are planning on filming the sequel to ‘Hurricane Bianca’ later this year, and I am working on a book as well. Oh... and death. That will happen at some point too. But hopefully not before my show in Amsterdam.”
“Despite all my jokes, I’m truly looking forward to coming back. Of all the places I have been to, I always say Amsterdam is my absolute favorite city. It is such a lovely place with amazing people... and space cakes.”

  Bianca Del Rio, “Blame It On... Bianca Del Rio Comedy Tour,”
Friday, July 28, 19:30, followed by an after-party with DJ Diva Mayday.
See for information and tickets:
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Blame It On... Bianca Del Rio Comedy Tour

Redaktie, in Theater, Kunst & Expo op 05 juli 2020
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